Custom Web Design. Really.

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Your Website. It should be as unique as You.

"You get one chance to make a lasting impression" - sure it's cliche, but your Website has to immediately show visitors why you're the best choice, or they'll leave to see what the competition is offering. It's all about attention span.

My Web design and development process ensures that each part of your Website shows potential customers everything great about your business. The first time.

My Web Design Process

That hand-held computer we take everywhere is integrated into everything we do, so naturally it becomes the primary way we find more of what we want. This is why I make the extra effort to ensure your custom Web design remains fluid, regardless of the visitor's screen size.

Responsive Web design means a higher search ranking, visitors stay on your Website longer, and you get better conversion rates.

Let's Chat

First, let's talk about your products, services and target audience. And if you're not sure about Website hosting, setting up e-mail accounts or Website security, I can explain all of these.

Mock it Up

This is my Web design vs. Website Development step - instead of putting lipstick on a $60 template that every other company already uses, I show you an original concept. You just need to give me constructive feedback.

Design & Develop

You get to see most pages at some degree of functionality.

At this point I suggest you start your first marketing campaign, by at least distributing business cards. This small effort will help generate that first wave of visitors the day your new Web design launches.


3. 2. 1. lift-off! Your Website is live, and that tiny bit of marketing you did during the Design & Development step should have some traction.

Don't forget - your Website is the center of your marketing universe, and it needs to be managed and maintained to keep visitors and search engines alike coming back.

need help designing, hosting, naming your Website?

Let's talk!

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Custom Design that lasts longer.

You would be crazy to copy a competitor's product packaging. So why copy their Website design?

I don't use templates for Website projects for the same reasons I don't use clip-art for graphic design projects - they're too easy to spot, too difficult to manipulate and an insult to my paying clients.