Ofield Industrial Supply

This Southern California industrial supply company needed help repairing or replacing their decade old e-commerce Website that was grinding to a halt.

Primary tasks

  • Custom placeholder page (during development)
  • Data/content migration from old site
  • Build-in custom content fields for client use
  • Responsive layout

Ofield Industrial Supply is a family owned business located in Brea, California. Soon after World War II, they began servicing the machine shop industry with abrasive supplies. The abrasive supply industry isn't well known outside of its customer base, which are global industries we take for granted - transportation, aerospace, medical, construction, electrical, restaurants, and the list goes on.

To-do list

Even when it was stable, staff had difficulty adding content to a Website that had not been updated in almost a decade. When I was hired, it was past the point of no return by a couple months - access to content was broken and database errors displaced or overlaid most of what was visible to potential customers. Not a good look.

My first task, replace the broken site with a temporary placeholder page - just enough branding and contact information to show the company was still active.

My most pressing tasks; migrate content for over 15k products from the broken site, then within budget, ensure the site maintained its search ranking.

Onward and upward...

  • Get client feedback about what worked, then provide responsive layout and design options
  • Migrate as much usable content from the old site to the new site
  • Optimize content, assist with search-friendly copywriting, and design some on-page marketing
  • Code in custom content fields so staff could add their own content
  • Secure files and database
  • Provide a maintenance plan to ensure the site stayed updated

Almost a month after launch, one of Ofield's primary distributors, Falcon Abrasive Manufacturing, gave their approval. "Give someone a pat on the back over there. The website looks AMAZING!"