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Getting to page #1 is easy – staying there requires skill

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is my ongoing process of improving the quantity and quality of traffic to your Website through regularly updated content and expert markup. Fresh content is to search engines what food is to us.

As search crawlers scan your pages, algorithms determine how important every word, image, and video is. Page structure (HTML) and layout, file sizes, and even grammar will impact how your site ranks based on monthly search 'policy' changes.

Basically, your Website is search optimized or your products and services stay hidden behind an increasingly thick wall of paid ads and to a lesser degree, higher ranking sites.

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Getting Quality traffic to your Website

We provide SEO services that are built on 3 core principles.

  • Organic results. Paid ads have better SERP visibility, but only last as long as they're funded. Organic SEO cost less, takes a bit longer to implement, but improves long-term as your site content is updated.
  • Quality of traffic. Your site will have serious problems if page visits are coming from "Apple phone" searches, but you're selling fresh fruit. We create proper content structure to prevent your site from being blacklisted by search engines.
  • Quantity of traffic. Visitor clicks from search engine results pages (SERPs) equals more traffic and more sales opportunities.
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Good Content, Great Visibility

Every element has SEO potential. But only quality elements boost page ranking.

Page Title

Appears on a browser title bar and must match page content - it precedes the search engine results page summary.

Image Description

Provides information essential to the visually impaired.


Placement and usage are vital to search engines categorizing the page.

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Page Link

Structure helps search engines summarize page content to Humans.


Encourages visitors to subscribe, call or make a purchase.


Do you know how visitors interact with your Website? If not, then you'll never know what keeps them engaged vs. what makes them bounce to another site.