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Advertising your business can be fun and exciting, but not if your sales collateral (business cards, brochures, flyers) is handicapped by a less-than-awesome logo design. Science proves this small oversight can negatively impact a reader's opinion about the message you're trying to convey.

I specialize in brand design that is all about creating a unique business identity that tells everyone, "You can trust us, we're great at what we do".

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My Logo Design Process

A non-tanbigle service like graphic design is difficult to quote without specifics. Forecasting the scope of work for this type of project can become really frustrating for both sides, especially when a client has difficulty bridging the gap between how much they want to spend and how much they should spend for quality logo design.


This is when I learn something about you and your organization, through my logo design questionnaire.

I know many people don't get excited seeing "questionnaire," but without it I have no reference for your preferences; logo type, colors, fonts and taglines. You know, all those really important things.


This is the keep-everyone-honest step; identifying trends, target audiences and most importantly, competitor designs. "Cheap logo design" Websites literally can't afford these extra steps, the latter of which exposes unaware business owners to copyright violation lawsuits. It is real and it does happen.


The fun part is test driving concepts, acting on your feedback, rinsing and repeating. This is not a 'just-add-water' process, so patience is a good policy.


This when I deliver every file type you need, plus a usage guide and a copyright release.

Want to register or trademark your new logo design? The research I did earlier and the copyright release I provide come in handy, as both can fast-track the process.

Logo Design Styles

Knowing what logo style best fits your business

Logos are more complex and meaningful than most people realize - "one size fits all" doesn't always work with consumers or business partners. Below are examples from a few client projects, showcasing the three most common styles.


Company name is the image.


Tradition, dignity, honor.


Fun, service oriented.


Absolutely Unique, one of a kind

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