web design, logo design, business cards, murrieta, riverside, fallbrook, temecula, san diego

Taking your Higher!

web design, graphic artist, murrieta, riverside, temecula, fallbrook, san diego

I'm Dave, and I specialize in Graphic Design, Website Development and Collateral Design; basically all the stuff that gets your business in front of customers, before your competitors.

Working with me is pretty easy...

  • No odd time zones - I'm local to Murrieta, Riverside, Temecula, Fallbrook and San Diego.
  • No off-shore designer who takes days to respond - I'm available the same day by phone or e-mail.
  • No overused templates or 'free' website builders - my job is to create a unique and effective Web design.

Got an unsolvable problem or over-the-top idea that's nagging you?



logo design, riverside, murrieta, fallbrook, temecula, san diego
logo design, product packaging icon, riverside, murrieta, temecula

Logo Design & Branding

This is the first and most important step to building your company branding.

Not sure what you need? No problem, I have over a decade of experience crafting logos that elevate brands.

service icon web design, riverside, murrieta, temecula

Web Design & Development

I won't sell you on templates that have been overused by every competitor. Instead I offer 100% custom Web Design solutions.

The total package includes concept, design, optimization, security and hosting.

service icon print marketing design, riverside, murrieta, temecula

Collateral Design & Copywriting

Out with wordy and confusing novels. In with direct and impactful sales collateral!

I manage the process and create the stuff that gets your brand noticed - from printing and packaging to business cards and T-shirts.

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Search Engine Optimization

No secret sauce gets your Website near page #1 if content is confusing or out-dated.

My proven methods include content writing, vibrant graphics and smart keyword placement.

Building a Brand

begins with Building a Relationship

quotes web design, riverside, murrieta, temecula, fallbrook

Dave was excellent to work with completely re-vamping our company website. He was very responsive to all of our requests, and quite thorough with his explanations. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs Website development or SEO work.

- Randi Verin, Creedenz Solutions, Inc.

quotes web design, riverside, murrieta, temecula, fallbrook

I asked Dave to work on a quick logo repair project, and he did a great job. He gave me just what I needed – much improved versions of our existing logo – and with a quick turnaround. We will definitely consider using his graphic design services again.

- Kaitlin McMichael, SouthAmerica.travel

quotes web design, riverside, murrieta, temecula, fallbrook

Dave does a phenomenal job with our business cards, flyers and maintaining our employee web portal that he built. He is quick and efficient and recognizes we are a time-starved unit of mental health professionals. We depend on him like he's a member of the family.

- Pia Escudero, LAUSD

quotes web design, riverside, murrieta, temecula, fallbrook

HIGH ORBIT is about more than design.

logo design how it's done, riverside,temecula, fallbrook, murrieta
business card design, riverside, murrieta, fallbrook, temecula, san diego

It's not just about delivering a functional Website, a memorable Logo Design or attention-grabbing Sales Collateral - it's about delivering a unique foundation you'll be excited to build all your marketing strategies on.

As a testament to my skills and commitment to every project, I still work with 70% of the clients who hired me almost 10 years ago! They continue to trust me with securing their Websites, designing their sales collateral, printing their business cards and more.

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